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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Moving On-and-Letting-Go Syndrome.

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Have you ever been in love yet ended up alone? loved a person a little more than the person could love you back? been in a one-sided love affair aka unrequited love? Been in a pseudo-relationship that you thought had the possibility of being a real one? Or simply saying, have you ever loved someone so much that it seems the world came crashing down when the once happily-ever-after became the happily-never-after?

You try to turn back the pages, look for second chances, going to familiar places that were once memorable to both of you, read saved old messages from that person, go over the photos that you always keep, have a re-run of moments you wish you could have back, it seems so endless, the what-ifs and could have beens  keep flashing and running on your mind, but in the end, nothing changes. you thought that it was never going to end but when it did, its shattering. 

Still, you won't give up. thinking that there can always be that second chances that you could hold on to. you try to look for book 2. You tend to get stuck with the past and never seem to get over it, no matter how hard you try. seeking for a sequel for the nth time, wishing and hoping that maybe, just maybe, things can still be fixed and the relationship might still work. No matter how you think its over, you just CAN'T get over the fact that it is INDEED over. Reality and your mind tells you to let go and move on but your heart tells you otherwise. 
Why? Why can't some people get over and move on easy? Why is letting go and moving on just about one of the hardest things in life? People always has the tendency to linger back and reminisce on it, thinking that by doing so could actually mean they can get another chance to correct their mistakes and shortcomings, which is quite impossible.

It is such a cliche. 

When you come to the verge of the letting go phase, you find yourself hesitating whether to do it or not, a driving force keeps you away from stepping into the latitude of acceptance, unabling you to move on to the next chapter. its as if you're standing at the edge of a cliff, holding on to nothing, something's holding you back, the memories perhaps, or the regret to put what both of you had to waste. should you give it up? you know in your mind that you should but your heart don't know where to start.or how. 

Questions flood your thoughts as you try to seek for answers, even questions that were never asked but were left hanging.

That's the conflict with the separation of the heart and the mind. you become torn between two powerful forces, so powerful that not even gravity could hold you back. if only these forces would agree would each other, such dilemma would not even exist.

But one day, as you'll look back, you'll realize that thanks to the experience you've had, you've become what you are now, a far more better individual than you once were, and what happened was just a great rehearsal for a subsequent relationship in the future.

When God knows we're ready and mature enough for the responsibility of a lasting relationship, He'll reveal the right person under the right circumstances----at the right time.

Wait patiently, don't rush, but instead, grow and be steady, because when the time is right, you'll see that God will give us a love story far better than we could have ever imagined. :)

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

CHANGES, anyone? :)

          For me it is indeed true that the only constant thing in this world is CHANGE.  Cliché as it may sound, it is true. Sometimes, it may appeal to us like it’s a little ironic, somehow, in a little part of our subconscious mind, we want things to change (whether it be a change for the better, or change for the sake of change, know what I mean? Even if we deny It at times, we somehow want SOME things to change—the way we are, the way things are, our perspective in life, a change of image, and many other facets in life that we think should be in a different perspective.)  Then somehow, without us realizing it, things are gradually changing, unconscious or not,  we feel that things are changing. But when we finally accept within ourselves that things are different, we ask ourselves if we c an return back to how things are before, silly isn’t it? But in this sometimes oh-so-cruel-and-unfair-world, CHANGE is inevitable.

        Whether  we acknowledge and accept it, or not at all , once it Is done, it is DONE. No turning backs. What we can do is just continue moving forward though most of us have what they call, fear of the unknown. Agree? What we can do is to overcome that and learn to take risks. If only our approach towards life is on the positive side, we wouldn't think of change as such a hated word.  We’d view it as an opportunity for us to become better individuals than yesterday.
change your thoughts and you can change your world - Google Search

        Life may be a series of changes but we should bear in mind that the power to control/ contradict the effects of those changes lies within us. Because we are the masters of our fates and no one can CHANGE that.  :) 

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"Wag na, bukas na lang."
"Bukas ko nalang 'to gawin."
"Tinatamad pa ako, pwede next week nalang?"
"Sige, bukas or the next week ko nalang to tapusin, ang dami pa namang oras, Monday pa submission eh."

Sounds familiar? 
Such a usual or usual lines, right? We always or perhaps most of the time, we are like that. Aminin man natin or hinde, a little part of us somehow and sometimes think and act THAT way. We think there's always time, there's always tomorrow for what we couldn't do today.  PROCRASTINATION, in simpler terms.
I could actually agree with what author Charles Swindoll said in his book " Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life" that "procrastination's specialty is stealing incentive and TIME. It makes off with priceless valuables, leaving cheap substitutes in its place : excuses, rationalization, empty promises, embarrassment, guilt and regrets.

But then, think again, what if there's no time left? What if its our last day on earth today without us knowing it, wouldn't we regret what we would've or should've done that time?

TIME is one of the most precious thing that we have and yet we always take it for granted. It is a luxury that no one could ever afford.

Time is very important yet we always tend to postpone whatever we can do today because we think that there's always tomorrow; when in fact, TIME is never in our hands. We can manage it but we can NEVER, EVER, control it. Only GOD knows  and GOD holds the time that we will be spending here on earth.

If we use our time wisely, REGRETS would surely be avoided; the word CRAMMING would not be in our vocabulary; we wouldn't think of deadlines as such a dreadful word, right?

Its not the deadline nor the project itself is the problem ( we would not be given a task if we were not given a considerable amount of time to finish it, right?)  The usual problem lies within us.

We think there's always plenty of time so we would put off what we have to do for things that are of less importance. I'm not saying this to criticize anyone, because I myself, am guilty of procrastinating at times, but not all the time because I realized how life can be extremely short; HOW IN JUST A MATTER OF SECONDS, A FEW HOURS, OR EVEN JUST A FEW DAYS CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING.

Let me share to you a simple advice that would surely make a difference :
W e only live here for a while, so Smile. Laugh. Love. Feel free to feel whatever you want to feel. Give your best shot at everything that you do. Live as if its your last day on  earth. It is never too late to start now. 
So what should we do?

Do what you have to do. Say what you have to say. Make the ones you care about feel that you love them. Say sorry to those whom you've offended. Reach out and say hi to a long-lost friend and distant relatives. Make the most of your time here: SMILE and make a difference.

This may seem like a LOOOOONG to-do list and advices, but hey, doing these won;t even hurt us. INstead, it will make us more at peace and happy with what we have at the moment, for we would never know when our time's up.  :)

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30random things :)

1. I'm a homebody, can stay at home 24/7 without actually getting bored (hahaha) --but not all the time
2. I can sleep anywhere, anytime
3. I love collecting books, lots of 'em and music cds
4. I can sing jap, taiwanese, chinese and korean songs. :D
5. I will forever love hello kitty and cardcaptor sakura
6. I hate and am afraid of spiders and ipis (lalu na flying ipis!)
7. I LOVE kids!:)
8. Any food with cheese will always be a favorite
9. My first name came from a Hungarian chess player
10. I am a jdorama, chinovela , anime and koreanovela addict
11. Pen and paper are my buddies
12. Ice cream and brownies will always top my favorite deserts
13. I don't SMOKE. and never will i try
14. I learned that i have hypothyroidism when i was 7 years old
15. I was the peace officer in my junior and senior year
16. I secretly want to be a secret agent. :D
17. I ain't fond of forwarded messages
18. I was once addicted to DOTA in my freshman year (hs)
19. I've never ridden a helicopter
20. I think the novel "Razzle" is a two thumbs up!
21. I kept a diary in the years 2007,2008, and 2009
22. I grew up in Proj. 4 QC
23. Fireworks, fireflies and things that light up in the dark fascinates me :)
24. I lost almost 12kg since my freshman year in high school
25. I still don't have the guts to ride a roller coaster nor a Ferris wheel
26. I can't sleep without a blanket or KOALA. :)
27. I once fell off the stairs and fainted at age 4? (or so they say.XD)
28. Thinks that December 28, 2007 was great! :D
29. Hates liars.
30. Is fond of answering bulletins when boredom strikes.:D

Sunday, May 1, 2011

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