Tiny Hand With Red Heart

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I wonder which part of the phrase, “It’s over.”, that you don’tunderstand..


Your feelings are long overdue. 
True. There isn’t a set amount of time that it takes to get over someone. But if you try harder, you know you can. It’s tough, but it’s something that you have to do, for your own sake.

Because sometimes, you are too caught up in the past, wishing that there might be a second chance lurking around the corner that you can grab hold of, that you forget that everything’s not the same anymore between the two of you. And you can’t do anything but to just  accept the fact and let the other person live their life, without you in the picture. Yes, the two of you may talk, may hang-out, may share stories again, may act as if nothing happened, but I hope you bear in mind that it has a limit now. That you can’t just act like the old girlfriend/boyfriend you used to be.
People tend to linger back and reminisce in the past, thinking that by doing so could actually mean they can get another chance for their love story because the first time wasn’t as great as it should have been, that they can get another chance to correct their mistakes and shortcomings to prove to the person that he/she is worth taking the second chance for, but rarely, this works out. Yes, indeed, you can get a second shot at things, but I guess, in any relationship, once a damage has been done, it is done. 

Falling in love is not always a happily-ever-after story, sometimes, its-just-once-upon-a-story…