Tiny Hand With Red Heart

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Not exactly the biggest lie I’ve ever told but one I consider to have caused a change in my life. It all goes down on me denying my feelings back then for a certain person.  I should’ve fought for my feelings back then.  I should’ve told that person what I really felt, and not hold back because of the feint possibility of hurting someone—-but in the end, I was the one who got hurt during the process. 
I should’ve told you sooner. I should’ve believed you when you told me you actually care—instead of doubting that I have always been your second choice.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I missed you. I MISS YOU.

I missed you. I MISS YOU.

But it got to a point when missing you made me numb, waiting for you to return to what you were before.

  • When you weren’t able to read that first published write-up, it’s okay. You say you’re just busy. I understand.—Only to find out that you’ve read and re-read that letter you got from someone you consider special. Am I not that special to you, too? L
  • When you start distancing away from me, I tried to understand. We’re both busy; we don’t have the same schedules. It’s okay.
  • When you forgot to tell me the current happenings in your life;it’s okay.
    I tried to understand. 
    Maybe you’re still not that eager to share.
  • When you started to drift away from me, I tried to understand.
  • When you don’t text me anymore to ask for my opinions on things, I tried to understand. I see you have new friends to share thoughts with.
I was hurt all those time but you didn’t see.
Maybe you've heard. But you haven’t listened.
Maybe you've seen it; but you haven’t paid attention. :(

Now, I’m starting to be a different person.
And when I start to find new friends to share thoughts with.
I hope you’ll understand.