Tiny Hand With Red Heart

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A nice story. :)

There was this quiz given to 200 applicants applying for a job. The situation was like this:
You’re driving a car in a wild, stormy night, you passed by a bus stop where you saw 3 people waiting..

  1. An old lady who’s about to die
  2. An old friend who once saved your life
  3. The perfect mate that you’ve been dreaming of
Who would you choose? Knowing that there could only be one passenger in your car?
The answer of the one who was hired:
I’ll give my car keys to my old friend and let him/her take the old woman to the hospital. Then, I would stay behind and wait for the bus with the person that I’ve been dreaming of. :)

Awweee. :"> Nice catch. :D Goodevening!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Basic Life Support Training [Late Post] :)

I know this might be a very late post about the training last week, but still..
The Basic Life Support Training (October 8-12, 2012) had been a great experience for me. From the first to the very last day, I have learned a lot, not only intellectually, but also physically and emotionally as well. Despite the body and muscle pains, wet/dirty look, bloody look, waking up early for 5 straight days, 7am call time, push-ups, punishments as consequences for being late, all the pains were worth it.  I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in the world. The past week was definitely one of the highlights for this year and my whole college life. This training has trained us not only to be disciplined responders but also made us realize the value of time, cooperation, team work, and how to be flexible responders in times of emergency.

I’d take this opportunity to write down this appreciation post for all the things I realized and appreciated for the past week.
  • First, thank you to sir Garry for making the training possible. Excited na kami nun even before October. Thank you po, along with the other trainors (Sir  Llana, sir Ross, sir Joyce, Mam Lanie, Sir Kisam, and sa iba po) for your support and patience during the week. You never fail to motivate us to do more, to try things we haven’t even tried doing, to always give our best and what it takes to perform well in emergencies. From Bandaging, CPR to Extrication to Planning and Responding to a Mass Casualty Incident to Rappelling—for the overall experience. Once in a lifetime po yun and we will be forever thankful for that.
Sobrang na-appreciate ko ang group namin for this past week. Nakilala ko yung mga kabatch ko na dati sa mukha ko lang kilala, nagawa kong itry yung mga bagay na akala ko dati hindi ko kaya, na-experience namin ang best teamwork thru thick and thin.
Para sa ‘best leader’ daw, si Rajjie, thank you kasi ang gaya ng sabi ni Jewel, ang galing galing mo mag lift ng spirit, hindi mo pinapabayaan ang OTZUTin- Thank you sa headquarters natin last week. Hehe. :D Parang camp lang natin nun yung CSC office. :P Thank you kasi kahit alam ko pagod na pagod ka na on certain days last week, still, you always have that smiling look on your face sa tuwing may itatanong ako.Faye- Thank you sa pang-aasar after nung Hard MCI! Haha!:P But srsly, thank you kase isa ka sa mga nagpapatawa sa group natin, kayo nina Kaye at Bruce.
Roughly, these are what I get to experience this past week that I know I will miss after my grad on April. :( :
  • Experienced an exercise on Mass Casualty Incident, where I acted as a patient on our first try on Soft MCI. :D
  • Danced in front of the whole 4thyear. Haha. Wala ng hiya hiya.
  • CPR and kissing buddies. In just a matter of a few hours, my first, second, third and fourth kisses are gone. Haha! First kiss: adult dummy, Second kiss: infant dummy, Third kiss: child dummy, fourth kiss: adult dummy again. XD
Sabi nila, ang first kiss ay nakalaan para sa taong gusto mo. Pero bakit ikaw pa? Bakit pati first, second, third and fourth kiss ko pa? T_T

Hahaha! :)) Kissing-dummies on our BLS Training. :P 
  • Planning for Mass Casualty Incident

  • Tried and experienced rapelling. Practice at first. But it was hella scaaary too, though it’s just on the stairs of our grandstand.
  • Got to experience being a patient on a mass casualty incident. This time, hard MCI already. And the situation was bombing. :D Cooooool. I got to experience having a stabbed/penetrated wound on my left shoulder + eviscerated wound on stomach + open wound on forehead..—-The props for the blood are so coooooool, they looked almost the same as real blood. :/

A trillion of thanks wouldn’t be enough to show how much we are thankful to have you as our mentors. indeed, a teacher affects eternity, for they never know how much influence they can impart on a student. kudos sir! :)

(Not all of the pics are mine. Photos credits of some pictures  to Sir Garry)