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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday Screencaps: Heirs Episode 2

Credits: Here! You can watch the full ep on Dramafever. :) 

Episode 2 opens to what we left last episode.
Kim Tan takes a u-turn and stops in front of Cha Eun-sang to offer her to stay at his house..  Aww yeah!

Cha Eun-sang (Eun-sang): "Are you sure that your home will be safer than here?"
Kim Tan (Tan): "I don't know if it’s safer, but my place is definitely better."
When they arrive, she stops momentarily a few steps behind Tan as she gawks at how huge his home is. Funny how she immediately jumps into a conclusion why he has such a big house, asking if he's part of some gangster or drug dealing schemes when she learns that he lives alone. Tan surely knows what she's getting at as he tries to play along with what she has in mind, purposely starting to walk towards her until she has her back on a door. She starts to get nervous--Haha! That's what you get for letting your imagination run wild, Eun-sang. :D 

Turns out that it's just the room where she'll be staying. He tells her to settle her things down and call him if ever she needs anything. After setting down her things, we see her flashback on what happened between Eun-sang and her sister that day, maybe it's just that it finally sinks on her that her sister's probably not coming back by the way she told her to cover up for her AGAIN this time. As if on cue to break her thoughts, her stomach starts grumbling and that's when she realized that she hasn't eaten anything aside from the food she ate during her flight.

She sneaks into the kitchen without bothering to turn the lights on to find food. And there she finds what she’s looking for. But srsly, who puts canned goods in the fridge? Haha. but that's better than not eating anything and so she digs in, only to be found out by Tan, who asks her what is she doing, eating in the dark.  She tells him she just ate those past their expiry dates, and she shoves a dollar as payment for what she ate, and for a second there, Tan gets angry, asking her how could someone do what she's doing.  He asks for her name but she changes the topic and answers by saying that she's thankful for giving her a place to stay. Why not directly your name, Eun-sang? His answer? "That's a pretty long name." Bwahaha! Clever.  He says that she need not say thank you because what he's doing is just compensation for what his friend did to her bean powder. Aweee. We know Tan is just using it as an excuse, but deep inside, he's a softie.:)

Tan is at his room scribbling down notes, probably for an assignment in his class. We hear in voice over,
Someone else's bag, someone else's house, someone else's husband. She's unhappy because she wanted someone else's life for her entire life. She is my...
As if on cue, his phone rings. Its his mother.

On another room, Eun-sang also talks to her mother. She lies about her sister and how she's having a great time there while her mom answers by tapping the phone. 

Tan is at her door standing unnoticed, holding food that he prepared when he gets caught at eavesdropping He defenses that he’s just going to give her food and HE just shoves the burger to her.

She gives him the dream catcher as payment

Eun-sang: It's a dream catcher. It's supposed to catch bad dreams. Only pretty dreams come in through the hole.
Kim Tan: Do pretty girls come, too?

He smiles to himself as he puts the dream catcher outside the room and eats his sandwich by the pool.

He sees her putting chairs on the door and he gruffs at how she could do that after he’s being nice to her. Haha! :))) And then she starts to undress---that almost makes him choke as he runs inside. :)))) Tan blushing = PRICELESS.

Eun-sang marvels at the great scene in front of her room. Tan prepares to leave for somewhere, but he sees a glimpse of her on the window, which gets him on the balcony,, looking intently at her. I swear. THAT LOOK. JUST. MADE. ME. MELT. *fangirl screams* 

They meet inside. Eun-sang asks him where he's going and he tells her he's going to school. When she told him to wait for her so she could also leave, Tan immediately tells her that she can stay until he gets back, (Ooohhh, that 'you should stay' dialogue... He's giving her excuses so she'll just stay at home... so he can see her when he comes back? Definitely extending her time so he can spend more time with her. :)))))

Next. Cue their car sceeeeeeeeeeeeene.:)) Eun-sang is obviously having the time of her life as Tan smiles as he looks at her. Are you smitten now, Tan? This early? :D He gives her sunglasses as she sticks out her hands to enjoy the moment.

While he sits in class, he constantly looks outside the window to sneak glances on Eun-sang. He smiles to himself, probably bec he knows she's just within his eye's reach. Teehee. 
Next thing we know, his class ended and he heads outside his classroom.Tan looks to where he saw Eun-sang earlier,only to find out that she's gone.And for a moment there, he seemed a little disappointed not finding her sitting on the bench. He starts to look for her, and finds her standing at some random place and looking at two students. When Eun-sang told him her casual thank you and that he requests that he hold on to her luggage bec she's going to it that night after she's come to her sister to get the money, Tan immediately says that he'll come with her, that he'll just ditches his class, making an excuse that it's boring after all.

Unfortunately, when they came to the café, they learned that her sister quit her job and just left—with the money. When they were about to leave, they bump into a guy who’s obviously mad---the boyfriend of Stella(Eun-sang’s sister) and he demands to know where Stella is because she also took his money and disappeared. They guy was about to touch Eun-sang; Tan pulls her to his back and manhands the guy with just one move.

They see two goons (who I suppose is the friend of the guy) who starts to run after them.. Cue: Tan and Eun-sang running together.. Wee oh wee. :) This should be a tense situation, but what makes it hilarious is that srsly, from the looks of it, it just looks like they're jogging instead of running their hearts out. Hahahaha! :))))

When they pause from the running, Tan gets a call on his cellphone and he looks on who's calling---only that, it's Rachel Yoo (his fiance) and he just ignores the call, making an excuse to Eun-sang that it's just someone ordering for drugs. Ha!

Pissy Rachel gets an unanswered call. When she hangs up, someone calls. Thinking it's Tan, she picks up immediately, getting more pissed when she realized that it's not Tan, afterall, but her mom. Rachel's mom asks is she's with Tan and she makes an excuse that Tan can't be with her bec he's at school.. Uhh, so you don't want to let Mom know that you're really not on GOOOOOOOOD terms with your fiancee, goodluck with that. Mom asks if Rachel told Tan about the upcoming marriage (between her and Young-do's dad), emphasizing the question, "Didn't you say before that Tan and Young-do were bestfriends?" Rachel says not anymore.

Young Do arrives on their hotel in his motorbike, obviously in a gloomy mood. He starts washing the dishes in the kitchen and the workers say that he is doing this well because it’s an order from his father. When the manager comes to teach him some morals, he stops washing the dishes and tells the manager that he is in no mood to hear that. Even though the manager threatens that he will tell the president, Young Do  threatens him back in ten years this place will be his.

 Young-do goes to a room where a group of very important guests are eating their lunch. Meet Lee Hyo Shin, obviously another heir to some huge company who is dining with his grandfather, father and uncles. They are talking about his future and have great expectations of him and he keeps drinking water. Young Do enters the room greets the guests and serves them water and deliberately fills the glass full to the brim for Hyo Shin and says he looked thirsty. Why do I feel like Young-do despises almost half of the people he meets today? Ugh. After that, Young Do comes to his room and Hyo Shin arrives a few seconds later and asks if he can use his bathroom. Hyo-shin rushes towards the toilet to throw up his lunch. 


Tan and Eun-sang are back on school grounds. That fast? Eun-sang bought 2 Americanos and told Tan that at least she can have one good memory during her stay on the States.
Tan’s reaction?

Tan: Are you sure that you only have bad memories?
Hahaha! Tan’s facial reaction is a must see as he tries to give cues, as if he wants her to tell that he's part of the good memories. :D

As she looks at the people taking pictures, she realize how she can solve her problem and go back to Korea. She asks for his phone to send a message to her bestfriend so she can come home..

Tan gets curious and asks if it's his boyfriend. Ha! That curious-but-jealous look never fails to amuse me. Every. Single. Time. :D

They take a cab and Eun-sang wants to know if Chan Young texted back. He tells her no. He drops her at his house, hands her the keys and tells her to wait while he goes back to pick his car since he left it at school when they ran away. On the way back to his car,  he checks Eun Sung’s messages and posts since she hasn't logged out yet----lemme bet-- this will be their sorta link of communication when Eun-sang goes back to Korea? 

And from there he gets to know that her name is Cha Eun Sang. Finally! He learns that she has many part time jobs and he also get to see the picture of Chan Young and her messages between them. 
What happened to privacy? But since it's the Lee Min-ho that we're talking here, I guess that'd be an exception. Teehee. You can read all you want. Haha! :)) There's one status that catches his eye--the one that says she hates that her mom works so hard and hopes that Jeguk group goes down. Ooooh. That makes him curious. Next, we see the cop from Ep.1 as he handovers the passport of Eun-sang  to Tan.

We are then introduced to another heir in this series----Myung Soo, an heir to a law firm who seems like an easy-go-lucky person. He is having a conversation with a whiny Bo-na who is obviously upset that Chan Young is not picking up her calls.  Seconds later, Young Do joins them. Both Myung-soo and Young-do teases Bo-na that Cha-young is cheating on her while she scoffs on the background.

I find Bo-na being clingy as cute. Finally Chan Young Picks Bo Na’s call and she tells him about the picture she posted and tells him to look at it, which, when he does, he finds the message that Eun Sang left.

Eun-sang  is about to leave Tan's house when she meets Rachel. BITCH alert, ugh. 
They recognize each other as Rachel demands to know what Eun-sang is doing here in the house of her fiancé. Eun-sang tries to the situation why she had to spend the night here, but Rachel being a bitch that she is pushes her suitcase down the stairs and order her to open it so she can see if she has taken anything from the house. The nerve! Grrrrrrr. >_< 

Eun-sang asks what if she didn't take anything--- Rachel does not care and tosses everything out of the luggage and while leaving tells her to clean up her trash. >__<

 Blinking away her tears, Eun-sang gathers her stuff and sits outside looking at the happy families and finally, she walks away.

The next scene is pretty funny. Bo-na is waiting for the reply that Chan-young promised two hours ago and Young-do says guys don’t like this kind of stuff, evidently teasing Bo-na just to get on her nerves, but Bo-na is in no mood to hear anything bad about Chan Young. Then Young-do and Myung-soo playfully tells her to just  dump him and be with Myung-soo to which she flatly refuses. Haha!

Everything is going well until Myung-soo mentions Tan’s name. Whaaaaat did Tan do????? Why do I get this feeling that the mere mention of Tan's name makes everyone edgy on their seats? Why do everyone seem to avoid his presence? Hmmm....

Eun-sang tries to buy a ticket but then she was asked to present her passport, only then does she realize that she doesn't have her passport bec the cop took it. She starts to go back to Tan's house.

Tan comes back home only to find Rachel there and Eun-sang gone. He asks about Eun-sang to which she gets angry and says it’s been half a year since they have met and that’s all he has to say. What do you expect honey? He'd come running to you with open arms? Dream on. Hahahahaaha.  He sighs when Rachel says that she told Eun-sang that he is her fiance. She asks him why he was not at the airport to pick her up, to which he lazily lies on the sofa and gives her excuses like it's too far and it's too hot. That props her to ask the same question I'm having why did you guys get engaged then? Tan answers: "So that I don't have to marry you later." 

The door bell rings and its Eun-sang. She sees Tan and tries to leave but Tan stops her and gets angry at her for leaving like that without even saying goodbye. 
She says she has come for the police man’s business card so she can get her passport to buy her ticket. Rachel butts in and says she threw it away and Eun-sang runs off to find it. Tan asks Rachel why she threw it away to which she answers she never even saw it in the first place-----gaaaaah! Srsly! You should have just kept your mouth shut, Rachel! Tan tells Rachel not to meddle and runs after Eun-sang.
Pissed Rachel goes inside to get her purse just as Tan’s phone goes off, and of course, she reads the message-- Chan-young's message meant for Eun-sang. 

Eun-sang is still digging through the trash to no avail. Tan runs up to her and asks if she is crying. She says she only wanted to live a normal life but here she is next to the trash again. Aweee. :( 

He apologizes and returns her passport. And suddenly two thugs show up-- who are they? O.o But I guess, this is just an excuse so that they'll have their running moment again--plus the fact that they get to hold hands!Tan takes Eun-sang and hides but they are easily spotted. For the second time in a day, they start to run for their lives like for an hour or two

Then they hide inside a theater,--Ooh, so Tan's house is near Hollywood? Nice catch! Haha. :D Eun-sang starts scanning the theater and Tan asks what is she doing to which she answer--she's looking for a killer and he asks her to stop watching weird movies. 

He tells her to watch the movie while he rests, she stares and stares and still has no clue what the movie is about or what they are saying. Tan translates for her : that the actress was saying “If I m going to trust you I need to know who you are.” He then continues to add his own line, “Yesterday I met a woman, her name was Cha Eun-sang”. Eun-sang asks how come he knows her name Honey, you logged into his cell phone and he also has your passport, remember? 

And then goes his sudden question.....

They stare at each other in the darkness.
End of episode.

I enjoyed this episode though there isn't much advance in the story with this ep. I appreciate how Tan is a genuinely nice person with gentlemanly manners. And I love how Tan and Eun-sang's closeness heightened up in this episode, we see Tan starting to really care for Eun-sang and that he keeps giving excuses just so he could spend more time with her. It's too early for me to judge their chemistry together but it's pretty clear to us viewers that they look more of really good friends trying their best to come across like lovers. Well, we'll just see in the succeeding episodes.. :)

A/N: Sorryy for the super late recaaaap! My lappy broke down for almost a month and so I have to just bear with watching in a tablet that's why I haven't been able to write the recap.