Tiny Hand With Red Heart

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oh, those little things.

When you start to like someone, even if you deny it, your overall perspective of them gradually changes. You try to pick out the things that you like about them and the pay attention good qualities that they have instead of the bad, and you have this tendency to  overlook their flaws and shortcomings. Right?

You start to notice even the littlest things (the simplest details of their clothes doesn’t go unnoticed, the way they smile, the way they flip their hair, the way they fidget on their seats, their mannerisms, or even the way they call your name start to become a constant sound in your ears). Those little conversations or the petty fights start to take part in your daily activities, that you find yourself enjoying those moments. 

You find yourself having a re-run of the moments you have together, wanting more of those moments. And sometimes, you even start wanting to include them in your plans about the future. 

Just by hearing their names makes your heart beat a little faster than it normally does, and make you feel like there are butterflies in your stomach. 

No matter what opinion that others may have on them, and no matter what imperfections they have, you accept them as they are, knowing that nobody is perfect and that these little things are part of the overall reason why you start liking them in the first place. That these little things add up to their total personality and for the time being, they will be the best out of everybody.

It’s like, the more you like them, the better looking they get. :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Test-Taking Strategies. ツ

Ayun. Nag-start na din ang Enhancement/Review Classes namin ngayong second semester in prep for the Boards next year. Yung feeling na nakaka-excite na nakakatakot na nakakamotivate? Alam niyo yun? Mixed emotions lang ang peg. Basta kasi ganun. Nakakaexcite kasi onting panahon na lang ggraduate na kami, nakakatakot kasi sabi nga nila, “You’ll be facing the real world" na, mas mahirap na, pero nakakamotivate kasi halos lahat ng nasa paligid mo e optimistic sa lahat ng bagay. Mas nakakagana pumasok araw-araw, mas nakakainspire mag-aral pa ng mabuti.  

Anyway, share ko lang yung natutunan ko sa topic namin ngayong araw sa enhancement, for future reference and sana makatulong din sa iba na makakabasa nito. :) 


My version of what I have learned last Friday. I hope this helps. 
Applicable to multiple-choice questions.

★ Formulate the question in your own words! 
You have to always remember the word, “REWORD". No matter how long the question is, you have to read it from the first to the very last word—do not skim or read to quickly. (Because, admit it or not, we all have the tendency to skim and read quickly once we see a loooong question, isn’t it?)
★ Eliminate only what you think is WRONG.
Stay focused on the REWORDed question and not on the background info. Usually, pag multiple choice question, maganda yung strategy na elimination. After mo basahin yung question, isa-isahin mo naman yung choices. For example, habang binabasa mo yung letter A na choice, i-cover mo yung B, C and D. After reading letter A, you have to decide whether to eliminate it if it’s wrong or leave it as a choice. And then, if ever you decide to eliminate it, WAG MO NA BALIKAN. If you know for yourself that the one you eliminated is a wrong answer, resist the impulse to go over it again.
★ DON’T predict answers upon reading the question!
While reading the question, prevent yourself from predicting answers even before finishing. Kasi may tendency tayo na habang binabasa palang yung question, may naf-formulate na agad na sagot sa isip natin (knowingly or unknowingly). What if may na-formulate ka ng sagot pagkatapos mo basahin yung tanong, pero pagtingin mo sa choices, wala naman dun yung na-predict mo? Malilito ka lang. 
★ If clueless about what the question is really asking for, take a deep breath. Don’t panic. Read answer choices to get clues.
Minsan, may mga tanong talaga na tricky kung baga. Yung tipong kahit ilang ulit mo ng basahin e halos clueless ka pa sa kung ano ba talaga yung hinahanap. Sa hinaba-haba pa ng question, hindi mo makuha kung ano ba talaga yung hinahanap at ang tendency mo is mag-skip ka nalang sa tanong na yun. Noooo. Never skip a question.  Resist the impulse to read and re-read the question. Mas matatagalan ka lang. Instead, you can look up the choices and maybe get some clues there. Once na makakuha ka na ng clues, then go back to REWORDING the question using the clues.

So there, sana makatulong din sa mga makakabasa neto. ツ