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Friday, September 20, 2013

SATURDAY Screencaps: HEIRS / The One Who Wants To Wear The Crown

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I should be posting this tomorrow but since I'll be doing a general cleaning, I'll hafta post this earlier. :3 
My first post for Saturday Screencaps as well as a first when it comes to my recaps/reviews. :)

Fast forward to October 9 pleeeeeeease.. It's a wee bit early to be posting this, but I'm quite excited over this drama. Teeheee. :D  (Top the fact that it's Lee Min-ho as the lead actor alongside Park Shin-hye and lotsa big cast). 

Lee Min-ho is back to the drama world, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :D This means another show to look forward to every week! According to Asianwiki, it'll be a 20-episode Wed-Thu drama written by star writer Kim Eun-sook (A Gentleman's Dignity, Secret Garden, Lovers in Paris). It revolves around the story of friendship and love between high school students who came from wealthy families. According to the ones I've read online, it goes with the "the rich kid falls for the poor girl" story so I hope there's going to be some twists and turns with the storyline and not go with the same old same old conflict that I've seen on past dramas. Ohwell, just the same, I am looking forward to watching this!!!!  
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And taaaa-daaaaa, a mere two-weeks before the airing of Heirs comes its first teaser trailer, which I think is more on an intro of their characters rather than the storyplot itself. 

I hope I'll be patient enough to wait every week to recap this drama till the end. Teehee. :3 Anyhooo, who's up with me to watch this? :) Just drop me a comment below. :) 

Heirs replaces Master's Sun  and premiers on October 9, 2013

Friday, September 13, 2013

Feel Good Fridays: Kidsss everywhere!

Happy Friday! I hope you've all had a wonderful week guys. So, I was wondering what I'd post as a first entry to my Make the Most of Everyday project, when I came across pictures of me with my nieces and nephews who I love to play with whenever I have my free time, and so I thought of sharing with you-- doing something that makes me feel good.

If you know me well enough, you'd say that I'm really into kidsssss (who wouldn't, right?) They have this certain magic that takes away your stress/bad vibes in an instant. Well, it works for me that way. I dunno for you, but for me, I am the type of person who can probably spend my whole day playing with kids and I wouldn't even get bored nor tired. I can go around laughing and playing with them without complaining when they'd have their tantrums or with them throwing a fit whenever they want to get something they want, because it all goes back to me having patience with them. Maybe because I was born an eldest child and grew up with my 3 sisters that made me love kids so much. There's that something special about kids/children that draws me closer to them: their cuteness, their radiating laughter, the way they share happiness to those around them, how simple things are for them, how they'd be happy over a single candy/lollipop; and how they'd kiss and hug you in an instant are just some of their irresistible characteristics to name a few. I remember how I look forward to the days when I would hold my sisters and sing them to sleep; how I enjoyed teaching them how to write or draw something during our childhood days or even now, when I do the same for my nieces and nephews--nothing's really changed, I still enjoy doing these little things.

These simple moments that I share with kids never fails to make me feel good whenever I do them and whenever I'm with them. 

So here, lemme share to you, I've compiled some of my favorite pictures taken with kids:
Taken at Kanzo Restaurant during my Aunt's birthday last year
Swimming after-party 2012
Me and my 2 sisters 
From L-R: Nikka, Me, Bridget, Tin and Chloe. Taken during the congratulatory party of Bridget. 
Another photo-op session with these kiddos! 
Kiddos in the house for an afternoon's play! 
From L to R: My youngest sister Karla, Nikka, Me, Chloe and Tin
Me with Nikkaaaaaa! 

An afternoon's delight with my nephew Ethan.
Another shot with Ethan! 
With Ethan's twin, Maddison! 
Cutie-patootie Liam! 
Yaaaa know, kids are great stress-relievers. They sure can add a smile to your face after a tiring day's work. :) How about you? Do you guys also love kids? What are your feel-good moments with them? Drop me a comment and tell me about what makes you feel good! 

Ciao for now!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Make the Most of Everyday Project. ♥

Heeyaaaw! Pardon for my lack of posts lately. I know I haven't been able to update as much as I wanted to for the past few days.. Well, I have been wondering whether I should start working on a weekday/weekend project so that I'll be able to update more often; but whenever I'd feel like hanging out in front of the computer, I'd get lazy and put it off until the next day, and the next (you get the picture. Haha!) 

(Confession: Aside from reality taking most of my time away from the computer, I sincerely thank Panda Run and Zombie Frontier for keeping me busy during my free time, aside from the K-Dramas I am currently watching/waiting for every week (cause they're still airing in Korea). Part of the blame was due to my lack of inspiration to write (loljk), but really, a part of my brain just haven't been in contact with my writer side lately. And that I partially put the blame on these things for taking away my productivity away from me, haha, kidding! ッ)

Anyhoo, I came up with this project that I'll name Make the Most of Everyday Project. Oooookay, soo not the best title for a project, but hey, 'tis my blog after all, just let it beeeeee. 
  • 'Me'-time MONDAYS.- Mondays will be sharing time where I get to share with you guys something random about myself. Teehee. 
  • TOP 10 TUESDAYS/ TUESDAY Travels.- Posts will be filled with my random list of top tens that I have in mind. (i.e top 10 favorite books, top 10 movie lines that I love, top 10 favorite places, etc.). Another sub-topic for Tuesdays would be about travels/travelling. I cannot deny the fact that somehow, in that little part of me, is a wanderlust soul. So, I'll be posting about the places I've been to and places I'd like to visit soon (once I start saving up for travels). This also serves as my motivation to go to new places and discover new things. 
  • Health is wealth WEDNESDAYS. Wednesdays will be filled with posts about health and other related topics. I just thought that it would be nice because aside from sharing health-related/nursing-related topics. It's like a form of constant review for me. I'll also be posting  tips and shortcuts and or strategies in learning some nursing topics which I know can be a great help to me, and others as well. :)
  • Throwback THURSDAYS. -This deemed popular over at Facebook/Instagram/*insert name of social media site here*. It's like a day for reminiscing what it had been like in the past and share something about transformation/change one has experienced over the years. This can also be filled with stories from experiences I have shared with the ones I've considered close to me over time. Thursdays would be my reminiscing time
  • Feel good FRIDAYS./ Favorite FRIDAYS. - Posts will be about anything that makes me feel good/happy. Another subtopic for this day would be anything that I consider a favorite--JKTDramas, books, food, getups, fashion, etc.
  • SATURDAY Screencaps. Posts will be about reviews or recaps of dramas (Koreanovelas/JKTDramas) and movies that I'm currently watching/have watched recently. I have been an avid fan of watching this dramas/series/movies to the point that even if they're still being aired in their respective countries, I'd patiently wait every week just so I could watch them on time. Teeheee. So I thought that sharing these recaps would be fun, especially for those who also love watching K-dramas/movies, watch out for these recaps every week guys! :)
  • So far so good SUNDAYS. -Sundays would be the day I'll post just about anything under the sun that I'll feel like writing. Can be an update of my week so far, things I've accomplished over the week, or something that I've been busy about. 
Hopefully, with this guide, I'll be able to update more often than in the past few weeks and share to you things that can probably inspire you in the very least. How about you? How do you make the most of your everyday? You can use this guide or make one of your own. Tell me about it by posting/leaving a comment below. 

Together, let's make the days count! ッ Ciao for now! ♥

Monday, September 2, 2013

September Rush.

A/N: I don't know what, but one can agree with me that there's something about the start of every month that people always look forward to. Like, every start of the month, Facebook newsfeeds would all be full of 'Please be good to me *insert name of current month here* or whatev lyrics/quotes/excerpts related to that certain month. I don't have anything against those, because I too, have done that notion once or twice already. Maybe it's the rush you feel every start of the month, the feeling of accomplishing yet another month and getting the opportunity to start another month that is enough for anyone to celebrate and start it with a new hope for good luck on the upcoming month. 
This month's no different. It's the 1st of September and I felt like writing on this September rush that I feel.

For us Filipinos, September marks the start of -ber months in the country! If ever there'll be a competition as to where can anyone find the most Christmas spirit in the world, I can proudly say that our country would have an undeniably good shot at winning the title. One can feel the holiday season just around the corner; people are seen with smiles on their faces, some kids would even start their Christmas countdown as early as the second week of September; Christmas  lights are out on the streets earlier than usual and Christmas songs can now be heard over the radio. Every year, scenarios like these are usual sightings once September starts.

I hope this month brings us lots of good luck and good memories! Cheers to another month of making things count!  ッ