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Pen and paper are my buddies. They are my most sought weapons whenever I feel the urge of scribbling down notes and thoughts from my wandering mind. More often than not, my mind wanders elsewhere until my thoughts are good enough to be written on paper. I write stories, letters, and  thoughts  that may catch your attention. Would reading it be worth your time and effort Maybe. But I hope the honesty and sincerity behind my words are enough to create a stir in your mind and make you want to continue reading further. I know I may not be so good at writing but at least I try to make a difference in someone’s life by sharing my thoughts rather than keeping it to myself.

Some say I look like a snob, but I’m not, just a silent type. I usually don’t blab much. And besides, talking too much than necessary won’t get me anywhere. I know I am usually serious on what I’m doing, but I DO know when to have fun and when to limit myself.  I can be patient when I want to. I DON’T SMOKE. AND. NEVER WILL I TRY. One thing I’m proud of is that I’m honest to what I feel. I NEVER pretend to be someone else just to please others. What you see is what you get, so they say. What I show to you is who I really am, no strings attached. As long as I can help, I’ll help; I don’t like seeing others take the fall when I know that I can help them.
I easily get happy even on simple things. Happiness does not depend on ALL material things, but rather, the appreciation of every little thing that comes your way. :)

Treat me good, I’ll treat you better. ッ

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