Tiny Hand With Red Heart


I have been a fairly secretive person in the past. I’m not much of someone who’d been fond of writing about my life and experiences and then publishing it online, but after a while, I figured that starting a blog is not such a bad thing at all. I get to share what I feel; what I want to say, and probably,  make a difference in someone’s life by offering some advices to those who would bother to take a short look on my writings.
These are my writings, the products of my wandering mind, stories that might go unnoticed but I hope the honesty behind my words are enough to at least stir something inside of the reader that might make a difference in his/her life.

This is my story.

A blog about my life–my music, my writings, doodlings, daydreamings, stories, my antics, tantrums, excitements, surprises, frustrations, and experiences. Everything under the sun, the moon and the uncountable stars in the sky.

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